Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bill & Melinda Gates Discovery Center
Seattle, Washington 2018

Hello World!

Today's post is dedicated to all the wonderful people of God's Creation who brave life under the condition's of a broken heart. As I scrolled through all of YouTube's recommendations for viewing while looking for Tasha Cobbs' glorious song For Your Glory, I read the comments of a woman expressing her battle with depression. I could'nt resist the desire to reply...

ADA... Thank you for sharing your truth. It's a truth that I fight everyday. I resist admitting that I'm depressed, or rather I say, I refuse to claim it. I wont allow myself to define anything that I am going through as depression. Its hard for me to pull the covers from over my head and I lay in darkness for a long while and I tell myself, "its taking a little more time today". Then I get up and sit on the side of my bed for a long while and eventually I tell myself to "get started". The trauma of bad relationships haunt me and I tell myself, "forgive them, they didn't know what to do with their own pain". I know how this behavior is labeled in society and I resist it with every good thing left in me. I won't allow it to claim my whole being. I speak life to it and I move from the space in my mind that gives depression any chance of beating me down. If its memories of the past, than I DECIDE to take one giant step right now in my present. Sometimes its something so simple as sitting there and begin to WRITE in my DREAM journal. Most times its going to my knees and THANKING God for the VISION and FIGHT that I have left in me. Or sometimes its just STANDING to my feet and letting the sun SHINE through my window. If its the disappointment of my present, than I PLAN and ACT on some GREAT vision for my FUTURE.

I have decided that depression is more about the thoughts of MY MIND that I give MY LIFE's ENERGY to, rather than giving into the science matters of it all. That assumes that for some medical reasons, I no longer have a choice. But I DO HAVE A CHOICE of wether I lay in darkness or get up and let the SON shine in. What I do agree with is... its not so easy for me to wake up and be elated. And that's not everyday and that's okay. I don't lock myself into one condition "Depression". I STRUGGLE with it, but it is not the end all be all of who I AM. It is just a small fragment of my mind. I have to consider the other well working parts. There are so many other fragments that are BIGGER. My CREATIVE mind EXPLORES all day long and what I have learned in exploration is that My Life requires moreSTRENGTH. My Life requires more EFFORT. My Life requires more HOPE. My Life requires more PASSION and DESIRE to DREAMBELIEVE, and LIVE andSTRIVE FOR VICTORY. And I do not "mind" at all if I carry a heavier load for such great qualities in me because I get EXCITED when it works! And what's my bottom line... "I would rather suffer for doing good than to suffer because I gave up on myself".

Wake Up World... PLANT lasting seeds!

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