Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I came across a photo of a young girl painted in a sort of tribal essence years ago. I was looking for inspiration for a sock collection I was designing to present to the infamous sock brand STANCE. I altered the photo to emphasize those piercing eyes surrounded by all the wildly mixed colors. Her Eyes, the colors, and her hair combined were very strong, unnerving, and provoked a captive, yet calming stillness in my mind. I described the thoughts and image of her as savage, just like my life and my dreams. I then wrote these words:

"The Savage Dream is fierce, powerful, and strong. She is aggressive by nature and driven by purpose. She rapidly becomes a mind consuming agitation that will only allow peace when imagination gives life to reality. The Savage Dream is relentless and does not fade, shrink back, or minimize because the proprietor resists or refuses to believe. To the Savage Dream, fear is a brutal predator who only provokes uncivilized behavior. Should fear stand before her, you cannot tame the Savage Dream. You can only set her free."

This moment in time when I sat at a desk in the Stance design room in Cali, an experience far and beyond my wildest dreams, I realized that its the journey to achieving my dreams that was indeed savage, because it was up against so much chaos. The past trauma of my life made my dreams appear haunting and even hostile to me at times. My dreams were forced to be this aggressive because life's circumstances tried to keep me from seeing the gift and beauty within myself, much less the gift and beauty in pursuing my dreams. If you are feeling haunted or chased down by your dreams, its possible that you're running away from your greater self in the direction of fear. And you're afraid that surrendering to your dreams means you will be devoured by disappointment and failure. Ask yourself this question...

If your dreams haven't given up on you, than why would you give up on yourself?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Hello World!

The Journey begins Yet Again! And it is well with my soul.

Enjoy the Day!

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