Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello World!

Ready or Not, it's time to move forward with the New Life created in you. And my contribution to your journey is this one guiding principle I always go to. God 1st! Everything else that follows God 1st choices is the New Life. When I made God 1st in my life, my Dreams became desires of His plan. My beliefs were affirmed and manifested according to His Purpose. And every Victory the evidence of having a Loving Father who shows me Mercy, Grace, Faithfulness, and Forgiveness. He then honors me for putting Him first by adding Abundant Favor. To God be the Glory for it ALL.

So what I have learned about the New Life, is that so much is required for those that truly want to know, experience, and share in the Love of God. But the barrier that often blocks our way to keeping God 1st is that we don't realize that God is ALL that we need.

I believe that what happens to us who become anxious, frustrated, or fearful, is that we want what we do not have. And once we have that, we want more. Not being satisfied on the outside, causes conflicts on the inside. The soul longs for God but the flesh wants the way of the world. I have learned for myself, that choosing God is the greatest accomplishment of my life, everything else is a gift, and even when I turn away God because of things undone or not had or I simply didn't feel like doing the work, my road of selfish desires, ambitions, fear, doubt, and laziness lead me right back to God 1st allowing me another chance to choose God again.

Some of us don't realize how many of the things we chase in this life add nothing to our best self or best life ever. Many of us don't know that God is all you need, until God is ALL you got! Think it through! Which of your many options would be your greatest gift to you? How will you choose when you're given the chance to choose God again?

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