Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hello World!

How often do you consider the pile up of mess we create when we push divine purpose to the side to do things our own way? Or how about the rift we allow to diminish our value because we're too impatient, too easily distracted, too fearful of our own greatness, and soon become lazy and weighed down by a divided and frustrated heart or too many excuses causing the mind confusion? Or how about the agony of allowing your mistakes, poor choices, or hard circumstances tell you that you're unworthy time and time again? Ooops! My bad... that's just me.

Well about me, I created a lot of my own mess doing things my old way and trying deliberately to push my New Life to the side because I felt tired of trying to handle ALL of God's grandiose ideas about me.

But I don't think God ever told me to handle it ALL, or to do it ALL, or to get it ALL right. I'm pretty sure I set myself up or somehow tried to position myself as my own God. I am not ALL and cannot perform ALL such as God can. Furthermore, I'm much harder on myself than I believe God intended me to be. I know He wants my good and determined efforts, but when has that recipe for life ever torn anyone down. I have to ask myself what have I added to the ingredients that make this fruit filled pie taste so nasty.

I think I made have added some worldly genetically modified hormone injected power. Well that kind of power isn't lasting. It's puffed up and can't be trusted. It doesn't posses the authority, virtue, and fortitude, of the power that God has. Actually, world power is quite out of order and only creates more weakness, fear, anxiety, and disorder. But God's power is effective and infinite. And what's most important to me is that God is fearless! He's not afraid to go up against the darkness in this world and never feels defeated. God is in control and His mighty power is at work in US! Ooops! My bad... maybe just in me.

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