Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year World!

Today is that special day of the year when many of us try to start a new life yet again! We look back at the years past and try to answer those questions of faith that seem to get lost in the unfolding of hour upon hour and day after day. Then finally, we're in a New Year hoping and praying, that now is the time for the old life to be done! So we start a new Faith Quest. This Year is My Year! I'm starting fresh! Brand New ME! And for some, we just plea "For heaven's sakes please don't let the mistakes of my past catch up to me or all is lost!" Seems extreme, but often its true. When I fail to emerge as as the woman of my dreams, I feel a little empty inside. My ambitions seem a little unattainable. A little bit of doubt creeps in and plays musical chairs with me. Who takes the seat Tenille? Trials and conflicts? Or the Woman God created you to BE?

My real issue is that great expectations often does not lead the way to great results, and so we become anxious and grumble. Oh how many years I told myself that a new life begins when I achieve great results! But its not the truth. A new life begins with your trust, obedience, sacrifice, service, and praise to God no matter what results you get. You want to truly see a "New Life" emerge, give up your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and give God your best anyway. Not just for a prize at the end of each challenge you face, but because you understand that He chose a NEW Life for you according to his good and perfect plan and purpose and not according to your great expectations.

A New Life with God as the headliner will never leave you feeling empty, inadequate, or confused. There are gifts from God that accompany the New Life that help you to do away with any foolishness that tries to play opposition. Yes! even your own old foolish ways that declare they're here to stay. Get rid of it! Try God! Again! And Again! And let Him add to you the days of glory that He has planned with you. You hold within your soul the key to unlock the door to your "New Life" You are welcomed to knock, you will receive His answer, accept it and choose to come through the door, firmly shut the door behind you, and there's a seat right next to God... take your seat!

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