Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hello World!

I saw this quote some time ago, and it seemed right at first. But then I considered, "What does it matter to the world how I think of myself? The world will always have its own point of view." What is the ultimate deciding factor of how you will be viewed by the world? Your self-perspective? The latest trends? Your social media following? Hearts and Happy faces? Really? Is that all there is? I'm remembering what Dr. Chand said about never allowing anyone or anything degrade the quality of your heart. About how life will throw challenges at you that may cause you to second guess yourself, your ability, your strength, or your faith & trust in God.

When I decided to blog, friend, IG, or Tenille dot com, it was to send a message to the world... that is anyone entangled in a battle for their true self and significance or wavering the line of their self worth and purpose. I was asked a most impossible question "once" before "What is the meaning of life?" Those who follow the biblical principles of Christianity believe there is one meaning. I thought I had a really good answer, but this wasn't an all inclusive response at all- To Know, Experience, and Share the love of God. My response assumes that everyone has offered their life to Christ. I confess, that back then, I had a big problem with being misunderstood. Not with the person, but being down right hard on myself and feeling I didn't express myself well, or that was just poor delivery.  

I allowed my response to haunt me for the rest of the day, thinking I may have confused someone that could potentially be seeking a relationship with Christ. So I asked God to help me answer that question with His insight and understanding. The very next day, on my way to work, God had given me an answer on the side of a Salvation Army truck. "Doing the most Good!" Talk about having your guns loaded and ready to shoot. I was never asked that question again to this very day. And I have since then tailor fitted that answer according to God's plan for my life. 

So what ultimately determines my value, is not even how highly I think of myself, because that can change so rapidly and can bring negative interference in the midst of my greatest thoughts, that obviously, I can't rely on my every thought. So ultimately, "I" rely on God. He is the source of my true self, my purpose, and any good thing that I will do in this life time. He is even the source for waking up to each new day. God says I'm worth the highest price He can pay. And I nor the world, can change His decision.

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