Friday, January 5, 2018

Hello World!

Let's Dream Talk for a moment! First things first, have you laid the foundation? Those tools that will be your guiding principles the whole journey through. Those special elements that will have the lasting power to uplift you when the load of your Dreams seem to heavy to carry any further than your last misfire or setback. Or those qualities within that will keep you steady and humbled when success shines abundance and plenty on you. Gather your tools and ready or not, on your mark, get set... GO!

Ready or not, on your mark, get set, and GO! Those words take me back to one of my most significant Dream moments. It was the moment I heard God say "Go!" It was under the sound of my most inspiring Pastor's voice, Jill Cloud, that I heard these words... It's not the bad that's haunting you, its the good saying come get me I'm Good and I'm waiting on you!" Euphoric, isn't it? What Do your Dreams cry out when they speak to you? I insist you allow your dreams to order your steps. Your Dreams have the great desire to offer you a life that you will love, but ironically, also a life that can make you afraid. It is a phenomenon that I like to call the unknown power of God and Self. Others may call it "Fear of the Unknown". And some have ever so simply asked the question...

"What would you do if you weren't afraid?" The answer to this question unfolds as you pick up your tools and Go Discover You, the Power of God, and your Dreams!

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