Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hello World!!

Can I just say "I LOVE GOD's MINISTRY!". The ministry God assigned me to, is not the ministry I chose. Nearly 14 years ago, my sister heavily suggested I change churches because she felt that there was another ministry that would better serve God's plan for me. I heard... "You can't do anything right!" At that time, I was used to her constant "Big Sister" criticism of me and not the Big Sister (humbled) who was trying to help me, so I was slow to listen. But she eventually got me out to a few plays, and then some services, and a few outreach events. Still, I was somewhat content with "Happy Baptist" until she said "You know the church does their own Graphics and Set Design." She nailed it! You want to get my attention, BE Creative!

I'm a firm believer that

Children are more Active in Purpose when they
Discover their Own Great Abilities. 

Of course I didn't know this as a child, but thank God someone did. My grandparents, My mother, my sister, and my mentor. And so I learned well into my adulthood and after resisting everyone's persistent 'hype' about how talented you are, that

Art is the Tool God Used to Activate My Purpose!

So with this revelation I joined a ministry that will always hold a very special place in my heart. This ministry will never allow mediocrity or a poverty mindset. They will never allow or except my excuses. They are instrumental in my good conduct and hold me accountable for my poor behavior. They offer great insight to strengthen me and my relationship with God and they offer themselves as sacrifices and great testimonies of God's All Surpassing Power to 

Change Lives from the Inside Out! 

God always know what I need and when I need it. He knows the order of my steps. He knows the way to my destiny. He knows the truth about me and every intricate part of me and its function and purpose. He is the Artist of my design and I'm so grateful that He chooses Life for me when I don't know how to choose life for myself. I am still learning how to let God choose the people in my life that will help me along the path to my Greatest Self. I have even learned how to use people and circumstances that weren't the best to me to bring out the best in me. And I'm so thankful for the word of God, praying, worship, and fasting alongside The Soul Factory, because God knows I need a RESET!

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