Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello World!!

Its day 2 of Reset 2018! I started Day 1 with a new book- T.D. Jakes' Soar. I started Day 2 on my way to Hartsfield Airport (flight delayed) to continue my Dream Journey. No, I won't be recapping each day of my fast, but of course I'm happy to share some key moments that God will reveal to me in the next level of self-discovery. 

So as I consider resetting my mindset, heart condition, and lifestyle aka Attitude&Actions in 2018, I thought forward to the unfolding of a great vision given to me more than a decade ago. Its gonna be far greater than anything I can imagine. I'm claiming it! I must! Its the first step to changing my attitude. I was tempted to believe that reset meant starting over, but when I searched the word, I learned that it actually means to start again or start anew. I like start anew! Let's review:

    transitive verb
  • 1: to set again or anew reset type reset a diamond reset a circuitbreaker

\ə-ˈnü, -ˈnyü\ 

  • 1: for an additional time : again begin anew
  • 2: in a new or different form story told anew  

    My mind is being reset like a diamond. My heart is being reset like a diamond. My attitude is being reset like a diamond. And my life “style” aka Actions will take a new or different form. My Dreams (God’s Purpose for my Life) are being reset like a diamond and my Journey continues in a new or different form. And for that I’m grateful and blessed to reset in 2018.

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