Monday, January 15, 2018

Hello World!

Well I got this message yesterday when I got disconnected from online church yesterday. I thought maybe God is trying to tell me something. And He was. Through praying and good snotty crying like I never have before, I heard God say "CHANGE YOUR FOCUS AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND. CHANGE YOUR MIND AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR ENERGY. CHANGE YOUR ENERGY AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE." And so I reasoned, LET IT ALL BE GOD. IF ITS NOT GOD or for GOD than its NOTHING!! Let it GO! So I prayed:

Let It Be YOU GOD!! If it's not You God than its nothing!
The LOVE HOPE DREAMS & Ambitions we have, Let it BE YOU GOD!!  The words we choose. LET IT BE GOD. OUR AMOUR ~ OUR SHIELD ~ OUR SWORD. LET IT BE GOD!! The thoughts of TODAY YESTERDAY OR TOMORROW. LET IT BE GOD!! The thoughts that SHAKE our SPIRIT and the movie reels that play in our heads. LET IT BE GOD!! Our quarreling, hang ups, setbacks & grievances, LET IT BE GOD. The challenges, strongholds, and addictions, whatever they may be; LET THEM NOW BE GOD!!
Our MOTIVATION. Our PEACE Our REST Our JOY... LET IT BE GOD. Our Breath, Our Light, Our Insight, Our WAY, Our WILL, Our MIGHT. LET IT Belong to You GOD! Our Way OUT of darkness, Our Way OVER mountains, Our Way THROUGH valleys and Our WAY INTO GREATNESS.
If it's not YOU GOD than ITS NOTHING!! LET IT GO!! 

Too many of our thoughts get stuck on too many wrong things and I can no longer allow my good creative mind and strong loving heart to be struck down by thoughts that are oppressed by so much sorrow and opposition. I prayed, cried, and pleaded, that God would help me to outdo this trouble in my head. 

Because things happen and life goes on! BUT... it's our thoughts that keep bringing us back to our past troubles. It's our thoughts that magnify our present troubles. It's our thoughts that make us fear, doubt, and be confused and flea from troubles, failures, and disappointments that we have fabricated for our future which has yet to even exist and we don't even know if we will get there. BUT STILL... we grieve our spirits for what we do not even know. How crazy and foolish are we? And now here we are in a single moment of thoughts in our heads turning them into a lifetime of trouble. Pain. Misery. Disappointment. Anger. Bitterness. Arguments. Slander. Un-forgiveness. Hostility. Giving Up emotionally while living on autopilot and always wanting a break from functioning because we function "out of order". 

If it's Not GOD than it's NOTHING!! LET IT GO!!

Stay Tuned...

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Seattle, Washington

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