Monday, January 22, 2018

Hello World!

I had to "RESET" my mind. It was all over the place filled with so many great ambitions. So many people to connect to and so many ideas to create, and yet life is still moving so I also have errands to do. But at that moment 3 days ago, I was only considering all the work and good deeds in my head and what was thrilling soon became exhausting. It was then I had to stop and realize it is not good for the mind to be busy. A Busy Mind is the indication of a "Lot of Unfinished Work!" Then here comes the Worried Mind that comes flooding in with the fears and anxiety to get these things done! Which unleashes the Survival Mind.  And can't forget about that old faithful mind that makes the final conclusion, the Mind of Despair. And I won't even begin to call out all the other violators of your mind that show up on the scene.

Who needs that drama? 

When I have so many thoughts consuming my mind, then fear and anxiety starts to direct my path. I make quick decisions or no decision at all and and we all know procrastination leads to nowhere. Or the lesser of the two evils, give energy to a little of this and a little of that, believing I'll get further along the path. Now you have a path of destruction, self-defeat, even a war path! A path of sorrow, excuses, and blame.

Who needs that drama?

What's my truth? If my mind is spinning and my path looks uncertain, I'm certain that I am overcompensating for a longing unfulfilled. Some needs gone unmet, a dream unrealized, desires yet to be satisfied. Do yourself a favor and put your mind at ease. It will never be satisfied with all your busyness, anxiety, and despair! 

How do you ease your mind? Im glad you asked. Now wait for God to give you the answer... cause no one in their right mind would dare ask me. But if I may, here's a suggestion...

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